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Knee Wellness
All the Resources You Need for Total Knee Health

Patients who come to the Knee Care Institute (KCI) are seeking one thing: effective treatment for their damaged, painful knees. But even the most expert orthopaedic surgeons—including Drs. Kolisek and Farr, founders of the Knee Care Institute—can rarely offer a “quick fix.” In the vast majority of cases, restoring knee health requires a specialized treatment plan developed by experienced knee health professionals and a long-term commitment by the patient to follow-through.

If you are reading this brochure, it’s likely that Dr. Kolisek or Dr. Farr has already performed a thorough orthopaedic evaluation of your condition and has outlined for you a course of action—one that involves care at the Knee Wellness Center.

For patients for whom surgery is not recommended, treatment at the Knee Wellness Center may involve a number of conservative approaches to restoring knee health, including individualized exercise prescription, physical therapy, medication, and workplace modifications. If surgery is recommended—minimally-invasive or biologic, or partial or total knee replacement—rehabilitation services provided by Knee Wellness Center professionals will ensure optimal short- and long-term recovery and healing

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